About Debra

I have a background in Management Consulting and Teaching..I brought this together to form The Lurnist

For the last 20+ years I have been working with clients as a management consultant, with the majority of my work helping them with project management and training.  I have also spent the last 10 years as a university professor.  So I started The Lurnist.  Now I put all of my experience and skills to work for entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners. I help people build their business or brand by teaching them the ins and outs of launching online courses.

A little about me..

  • I live in Phoenix, AZ with my husband and two dogs
  • 20+ years as a management consultant mostly in the public sector helping clients with project management and information technology
  • 10 years as a university professor teaching and developing online project management and information technology courses
  • I am on the board of Veteran Project Manager Mentor Alliance (VPMMA).  We are a 501c3 that helps veterans, service members and military spouses transition into project management careers
  • I teach online courses at Stanford University and the University of Washington (UW).  I was the architect of the Project Management Certificate Program at the UW and was awarded the Team Teaching Excellence award.
  • I have developed over 100 business, project management and information technology courses and produced over 300 educational videos.  I have built courses in all kinds of learning environments and LMS’s.
  • MBA from Columbia University – Shout out to New York City!



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Hello Debra, 

I would really like to thank you. It was a great course and I really enjoyed it. Also, for the last 5 months I was struggling to find a job and I finally found a job because of this course (one of the main reasons).
R. K.

Thanks for your willingness to answer questions in and out of class and for genuinely wanting us to understand the material.

E. W.

I was incredibly surprised how much I participated.  I would definitely take a course by Debra again.  You are not only getting an instructor with expertise and experience, but your also getting an instructor who is organized, savvy with tech and a great sense of humor!!  Such an awesome course!

M. G.

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